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Role Play sample

A pale girl with long red hair in a side ponytail and bright blue eyes, one with a bright white ring around it, walks into the large capital city of Odiabha. her white and red clothes are covered in dirt and torn in many places. She has a near empty pack slung along her back next to her beautiful, white staff. She's carrying a white and purple furry dragon that's holding a bell in it's tail, in her arms. The dragon looks just as ragged and exhausted as the girl. An odd thing about her is that she has scales. Dragon scales, bright with dragon scales along her arms and legs, up her neck, onto her cheeks and across her forehead and nose. She has two horns on the side of her head that look like inverted wings and a dragon tail that is swishing slowly behind her. She makes her way towards the palace with a single minded focus, ignoring the many odd looks and the whispering from the townsfolk that follow her. She makes her way into the palace and frowns when she's stopped by the guards, "Please," she says softly, her voice weary from her travels, "I must speak with Lady Ophanim, a great evil is coming this way, and I need to warn her about it."

The guards look at one another and give the girl a hard look, "State your name," the guard commands.

She looks at him, as she wills her body to stay upright, "My name is Ami Aiba, and I'm the daughter of King Cherubim. Dark things have come into my home and they are going to start spreading if steps are not taken to prevent them, Please," she says, bringing in stubbornness to her voice, "Let me see Lady Opahnim."

The guards look at each other again. as the one who had been mainly speaking goes to speak, they all stop, like they're listening to something. The guy grimaces and makes them all step away from the door, "My lady says that she will grant you an audience." As he finishes, the doors magically open and Ami shuffles in with a small thank you to the guards. She walks up the elaborate, white marble floor, with the gold and blue trimmed carpet leading to a bright gold throne. On it, is a beautiful woman with a bright gold helm and flowing white, blue and gold robes. in her hand is a long scepter and her golden, flowing hair falls freely around her. Her 8 wings are resting comfortable behind her. As Ami approaches, she gives a deep bow, "Thank you for granting me an audience Lady Ophanim." she says softly.

Ophanim looks at the girl for a long while, " No need to hold your bow, I know you are weary from your escape. That's what is was....an escape," she says, her voice soft yet powerful sounding. "Tell me more of what happened child." she says entreatingly.

Ami stands from her bow, Kudamo snoring softly in her arms, "A traveler came to our castle seeing sanctuary, because he said a horrible beast razed his small village to the ground, and he was the only survivor. Father, being the kind man he was, granted it to him. He and my father became very close during his time at the palace. Then, about a month after he had been there, I started to notice changes in father and the surrounding areas. Father became more and more malevolent....soon becoming a tyrant towards everyone. The land was rotting and becoming dark, making food scarce. I spent 6 months trying to combat it, but I couldn't, it would have consumed me, so I had to run. Here I am now....The traveler's name was Myotism." she finishes, her voice slowly dying out because of her exhaustion.

Ophanim stiffens at the name she is given, holding back a gasp of horror, "Myotism...you're sure?" she says, worry lacing her sweet voice.

Ami nods, "I'm very sure My Lady." she says tiredly.

Ophanim motions for her head wizard to come forth and they start whispering to each other. she sends him hurrying off as she turns back to Ami, "You have brought very grim tidings child. I'm sorry that you had to deal with all that. I know of what White Mages do, and it had to have been very difficult to fight by yourself. Please, rest in one of our guest rooms, which is being prepared for you. Tomorrow we will form a battle plan to stop Myotism."she finishes

"My Lady," Ami says quietly, "Who is Myotism?" she finishes questioningly

Ophanim looks at her. She's quiet for a long while, gathering what she wants to say, "Myotism...is one of the worst creatures alive. He's a Noble Vampire. They are decidedly evil beings that corrupt hearts and the area around them. I'm afraid this is very bad and I need to call an assembly of all the surrounding lords. Please, rest, eat and we'll talk tomorrow." She says, dismissing the girl.

Ami let's herself get dragged away by a couple servants, leaving with a small thank you.

From <https://www.facebook.com/groups/753280354779221/>

World of Darkness character

Character's Name: Anariel Fiona Mustang
Age: 23
Height: 5'2''
Weight: 125
Hair Color: Brown with frost blue highlights
Hair Length: Short in back, chin length in front, which her bangs usually hides one of her eyes.
Eyes: Blue-silver-grey

Anariel or, Ana to her friends and family, grew up in a middle class home.  She lived in the country for the first 9 years of her life with her mom Lorain, her dad Dean and her older brother Bobby.  Her brother, who is three years older than her, was her best friend for those nine years, since they were the only two kids around there.  Their house was surrounded by woods and they had mulberry trees in the front and back of the house, which her and her brother picked every summer.  There was a pool in their backyard, that at age two, she fell into, with her brother pulling her out.  Needless to say, they share a very close bond with each other.

At age nine, her family moved to the city.  They lived in a house on the corner in a little suburb.  For a year, after they moved there, her and her brother grew a little apart because they both found friends.  She and Laura, her best friend at the time, from 1st grade to 6th grade always role-played together.  Didn't matter what it was, they had very good imagination, and could role play anything.  Most of it had to do with their favorite boy bands, and them being rabid fans, but that's another story all together.

Once Anariel hit High school, she and her friend Laura grew apart and she started to hang out with new friends that she made.  Most of them were guys, and they became her little army. It was of their own accord, mind you, but it still made her laugh none the less.  This was also around the time she really started to get into anime, and therefore, art.  She took to art like a fish to water.  In all 4 years of high school, she took the art classes.  Her favorite style was anime, since she was obsessed with it, but she could still do other types of it.  After she graduated high school, she decided that she wanted to go to college for art, because her ultimate life goal is to create her own manga.  She works on it in tiny bits, and she sells random pieces of art for extra money.

At the age of 18, a couple of guys came into where she worked and were hitting on her...heavily.  Eventually they got thrown out.  After her shift was over, she was walking to her car when the 2 guys that were harassing her cornered her in the alley and raped her.  She was found by her brother, who was going to go to the movies with her after work.  She basically withdrew into herself for a good 3 years before she finally started to come out of it.  Her best friends Bill and Sarah and her brother Bobby really helped her through this time.  Her brother and Bill actually hunted down the two guys that did it, and beat them up pretty badly.  The two guys were thrown in jail for a little while after that.

At 22, she eventually got over it, but it stil kinda haunts her at times.  She hasn't had a boyfriend since that day, because she can't stand to be touched by anyone but her best friends and her mom, dad, and brother.

Now, at age 23, she works full time at that italian restaurant and lives in a little apartment in the same town that she grew up in.

Anariel is a very happy-go-lucky girl.  She is an optimist but of course, has her depressive moments, like everyone else.  She doesn't have very much confidence when it comes to her art though.  She is hyper critical of her work, and doesn't see herself as a good artist, contrary to what all her friends tell her, which causes her to envy alot of the actual artists that have actual jobs.

She contradicts herself though and keeps up hope, that one day, someone will notice her manga, since she randomly puts little bits and pieces of it in magazines and the like.  She is very protective of her friends and family, especially so when it comes to her best friends and brother.  She's pretty easy to get along with, but she'll trust you a little until you fully earn it from her, or make her not trust you.

She still hangs out with her best friends and brother, whenever work allows them all to hang out.  This is atleast 5 days a week, dished out between the three.

She believes, innocent until proven guilty.  She doesn't agree with sex before marriage or abortion, but she won't say anything about it if people do it.  She won't even give them a look.  She'll just mumble to herself in her head.  She belives that, if you kill someone, you should be killed right back.  So basically, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

RP character

Nirina Illusier




    Nirina is an orphan fox demon raised on the streets of the floating island Ingrall.  She lost her parents to a war between her clan and another clan of wolf demons.  The elder of her clan, who was her Godfather, escaped from the destruction per being urged by the whole village to take Nirina, since she was the only baby of the village and go, to keep their clan alive.  He took grievious wounds trying to escape with her, and only through sheer cunning and willpower did he make it to the floating island.  He didn't make it in time to an orphanage on the island and died, with her in his arms, in an alley a couple blocks from the thieves guild.  He layed there, with a shivering baby in his arms for half a day, before they were found by the second in command of the Thieves guild, Koryu.  In seeing the older fox demon lying there, Koryu cautiously walked towards him and seeing that he was dead, started to loot the body.  After looting what he could, he began to walk away until he heard the small cry of a baby.  He stopped to look around, then shrugged and kept on walking, stopping again once he heard a louder cry.  He turned around and started to walk back towards the body that he had looted, and moved cloth around, until he found Nirina, crying in the elder's arms.  Taking pity on the little thing, he picked her up and made to head towards the nearest orphanage, but stopped, once again, and on a whim, decided to take her back with him to the guild.
Thirteen years later, Nirina was a pretty good, little, thirteen year old thief.  Raised by Koryu and the rest of the guild, and by hiding her tail under her cloak and her ears under a hat, she could steal a coin purse in broad daylight, and no one would be any wiser of it.  However, during one of her runs with another guild member, they were cornered by the guards of the castle they were raiding and, as they were about to capture the both of them, she yelled and suddenly the guards were frozen solid.  Shocked by this, and a little scared, the guild member turned and bolted, leaving Nirina standing there in confusion.  Not breaking out of her shock quickly enough, she was captrued by the other guards, and thrown in a cell.  The few days she was down there, she tried to re-create what she did, but couldn't manage it again.  As she was in the middle of one of her many tries, the lord of the city himself came down and instantly, upon seeing her, became smitten, for lack of better word, by the little demon.  So, putting a collar around her neck that would suppress the magic that she didn't know she could use, he brought her into his harem.  She was there only a few months, but during her time there, she was taught the ways of pleasing a man,  and had her innocence stolen from her before Koryu and a couple other members came to rescue her.
After her rescue, she was kept inside the guild for six months, while they waited for everything to calm down.  After the fourth month of her "captivity" though, she started to get restless, and so, began to hole herself up in her room and work on getting the magic she used earlier to work on command.  Two months later, at the end of her "captivity", she had gained a basic mastery of the element of ice.  Being very proud of herself, she showed Koryu by creating a little ice rose in the palm of her hand.  Staring in surprise, he praised her and promptly started looking for a teacher for her.  Eventually, after pulling a lot of favors that others owed him, he found got the head mage of the city as her tutor.  In doing so though, she had to leave the guild.  She fought this for a good two weeks, until Koryu, persuaded her to go and begin her tutoring.  Sullenly, she packed all her belongings, which really was only one bags worth and was escorted, by Koryu, to the mages home, where she was to live.  During their goodbyes, Koryu gave her a silver necklace with an amythest dragon on the end of it.  That was the last she saw of him.
During the seven years she spent with the Magus Kou, she learned mastery of the Ice element and illusions, but she never stopped stealing, since that's what she was raised to do, much to the chagrin of her teacher.  He never condmened her for it though, and he let her continue to do so.  During that time, she also developed into a very attractive young woman, though she still hid her ears and tail.  After she had finished her training with the Magus, she set out on her own, and started to sell the things she stole.  She did this for two years until someone called her out on one the the things she was selling.  The man started to call over the local police, and raise a general fuss, when a handsome young man with bright red hair and red wolf ears and tail came and stopped the man.  After helping her, Nirina decided that it was time to close up shop and invited the young man back to her little home.  She found out that his name was Daisuke and that he was a mage hunter that was currently running from the guild he was raised in.  Not paying any mind to the mage hunter part, she kept her magic hidden.  He stayed with her a couple days, and leaving all that happened between the two behind closed doors, they were attacked by a man from Daisuke's guild.  They got into a fight and Daisuke was captured.  Nirina, who had started to fall for the wolf demon, went to rescue him.  As she was fighting the man, to get Daiskue back, she found out that Dai was originally sent to kill her, because the guild found her a threat, even though she had never used her powers outside her home or master's home.  Getting mad, and not believing the guy, she attacked him and wounded him, giving Daisuke enough time to break free of the shackles holding him, and kill the guy.  After that, an explosion was heard, and the floating city started to fall.  Both of them got off the island safely, with Daisuke teleporting back to the city to help get people off of it.  After he came back, they started on an adventure, since he was on the run, and she was alone again.  They also became lovers.  They were together for three years, and still are, traveling around the world, earning money to live by being mercinaries, and her stealing occasionally to help them live.

Point Taken:

She currently, was traveling to the city of Gaulid with Daisuke, to take on a job of killing a rouge wizard turned necromancer.

Having been raised on the streets, Nirina knows her way around, and how to deal with people, hence, she is very charismatic.  Being a fox demon makes it doubly so.  She loves to be around people and is very friendly by nature.  She is up-beat and is very, rarely, sad.  When she is though, she's in that sad slump for a couple days, before she finally snaps herself out of it and goes back to her cheery nature.  She's a very mischeivious creature too.  She likes to play jokes on people and will sometimes steal something, only to put it back after the person has fretted over it for a good, long while.  She likes to use her illusion magic to help this along.  Though, mostly she uses her illusion to hide her ears and tail, and to entertain children.  She loves children.  She loves how carefree they are and will go out of her way to help them, even if it will get her in alot of trouble.
She does have fox like qualities and demonic qualities.  For instance, she likes killing her own meals and eating them raw.  She can eat normal food the way a human does, but she doesn't like too.  She's also, when angry, very hard to deal with.  She doesn't get angry often, because of the insane amount of patience she has and her kind heart, but when she does, it's best to stay away from her, because she might kill you.  She's a little vain and likes to keep herself clean.  She's pretty, and she knows it, often using it to her advantage when doing a job that requires undercover work.
She constantly wears the necklace the Koryu gave her.  She never takes it off and if anyone even gets near it without her permission, she'll snap at them and quickly hide it.  When asked about it, she simply states that her father gave it to her before he left her at her teacher's home.  It's precious to her and, as said before, she's very protective of it.  She won't even let her lover take it off or even touch it.  He's only allowed near it when they are making love.  Which leads into her being very protective of what she considers hers.  It stems from being a thief and living off the streets.  If she deems something hers, whether it be a possession, a person she considers a friend, or her lover, she'll fight for it tooth and nail and protect it with her life.  That's the only time she is selfish and won't share, is when what she considers hers, is going to be taken away.  Other than that, she'll usually share what she has, sometimes giving her self the lower end of the deal.

Nirina was taught at a young age, how to please a man.  Later on in life, she learned how to please a woman.  So she has a very loose view of sex.  Sex is sex, it's more special if it's with someone you love, but it's still sex.  She enjoys it, but she's not a sex-fiend.  If she gets in the mood, and is desperate, she'll go and find a clean looking guy or girl and seduce them into her bed.  Mostly though, since she's been traveling with Daisuke, she hasn't had to go and whore herself out.  She is technically Bi, but, if she had to choose between a guy or girl, it would be a guy.

Nirina is 5' 2" with black hair that fades into ice blue at the tips that reaches to the middle of her back.  This is usually loose and it's straight, no curls at all.  She has black fox ears with light blue tips on top of her head, and a tail that is the same color.  She has fair skin and a very thin and pretty face.  Her fox like eyes are ice blue.  She has a very slight and lean build to her and a good sized bust.  Kind of like how a dancer's body would look.  Her common clothing she wears is a dark blue, skin tight, v-neck top that stops just above her belly button.  He wears black pants that stops just after her knees and rides low on her hips.  Her boots are black and stop at mid calf.  They look like pirate boots, with dark brown laces going down the front of them.  She has a white belt around her waist that holds two, plain looking daggers, that she magicked with ice, and thieving tools that are in a pouch on the belt.  She also wears a dark blue cape with ice blue flames at the bottom of it.  She has black bracers on her wrists, that have dark brown laces going down the side of them.  She also wears the amytheyst dragon necklace at all times.


She can use ice magic and create illusions.  She's also good with daggers.  She has very good hearing and eyesight.

She doesn't take to well to heat.  It wears her down and makes it so her magic doesn't work very well.  She's very quick, but she isn't very strong, mostly relying on her illusions and magic to help her in a fight.

First Person:

[A young woman in what looks like black, skimpy clothing, with ears and a tail, laying on the ground.  Her long, black hair, that fades into blue at the tips creates what looks like a puddle of odd looking water behind her.  A soft moan can be heard.]


[She sits up slowly, shivering slightly, as she looks around]

Daisuke...where are you?  Whe...Where am I?  Ugh, I f-feel horrible.

[A pause and then a gasp as she looks at her hand]

Wh-what the?!  Wh-what is this mark?!  Why do I have it?  Did I get caught?

What the hell is going on?

Third Person:

'This place may be odd...but atleast it's a city.  I can deal with cities, even those I have no idea of where they are', the girl thought as her black, ice blue tipped fox ears were twitching back and forth, trying to catch every sound.

She was currently standing at the entrance of an ally, looking decidly out of place in her black pants, dark blue, skin tight shirt and black pirate boots.  She looked especially odd because of the fox ears on top of her head, and the fox tail that is currently not moving, her fox like, ice blue eyes darting back and forth in a skittish manner, trying to take in everything and get her bearings.

"Where the hell am I," she asks out loud in a soft voice, while crossing her arms across her stomach, kind of like she's hugging herself, "this place smells weird and it doesn't look like it has guilds or the like."

Nirina shakes her head and gets a determined look on her face.

"Well," she says out loud in a confident voice, which is obviously forced, "easiest way to get your bearings is to go out and explore, so that is exactly what I'll do!"

She walked confidently out of the alley and headed to the right, looking around intently.  Her ears were constantly moving, picking up voices and other sounds. 

'Why are all these people talking about zombies?  There isn't a necromancer around that I can sense.  This is weird.  And what is with all the odd looking buildings? They don't look like they're made out of stone, or if they are, it's a very odd type of stone.'
she thinks, trying to work out where she is at. Nirina doesn't notice all the looks she's getting.

She stops in the middle of the road, her tail swishing back and forth as she is deep in thought.  She catches a converstation to her right, and, without even thinking, listens in on it.

'No-Muerta?  That's the city's name?  Kind of an odd name...then again, I can't really say anything, I came from a place called Ingrall.  Welp, now I know the name of the city, I just need to find out where it is!'

Nirina then continues to walk, trying to pick up on more conversations.

Writer's Block: Family Matters

What things do you know you can count on your family for?

I can count on my family to catch me when I fall.

Writer's Block: Traveling Companions

What gadgets do you travel with when you’re going on a relaxing vacation? Do the gadgets you choose to bring tend to help you relax or keep you so plugged in that it’s hard to unwind?

I bring a book, my sketchbook and pencils, and my Nintendo DS.  They all calm me down and don't stop me from relaxing on a vacation.  Then again, I haven't had a vacation like that in....5 years?  So, yeah.

Writer's Block: BFFs

If you had to pick a character from your favorite TV show back in middle school to be your best friend today, who would you choose, and why? Have you outgrown some of the characters you loved when you were an early adolescent?

I so would have made Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing my best friend.  I thought he was so cool and yes I admit it, kinda cute.  I can say, that I haven't outgrown any of the characters that I loved.  Yes, favorite characters have changed, but I still love watching all those shows.

Writer's Block: Sheldon and Penny 4ever!

Fanfiction: Do you love it or hate it, or are you totally indifferent? Why?

I have a lot of friends who write fanfiction.  I was their beta most of the time, so it kinda grew on me.  Now I love reading it.  Why you ask?  I love it because it lets me see how someone else...translates it, for lack of better wording.  Mostly though, it just boils down to I'm an avid reader...and I don't have money to buy books, so fanfiction works for me!
Oh my gosh, there is an anti-gov tea part, rally thing going on outside my work right now.  I'm so excited, I get to see a live protest type thing!  Working in the Gov Center can be so insane sometimes XD.


I have almost no friends on lj anymore, but here's a meme...*Grins* lets see if you can complete it XD.

1) Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/bands [fannish etc.] that you've had an obsessive fannish love or interest in at some time in your life.
2) Have your f-list guess your favourite character/member from each item.
3) When someone guesses correctly, strikethrough the item and put the name of your favorite character next to it.


 Favorite Characters:

1. Final Fantasy: Unlimited
2. Bleach
3. Yu-Gi-Oh!
4. Stargate: SG-1
5. Shuffle
6. Dragon Knights
7. .hack//A.I. Buster
8. .hack//G.U.
9. Tales of the Abyss
10. Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice
11. NCIS
12. CSI
13. Employee of the Month
14. Kingdom Hearts
15. Supernatural
16. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
17. The Nightmare Before Christmas
18. Avatar: The Last Airbender
19. Tales of Symphonia
20. Yu Yu Hakusho

*sings a random song*

Well, I've had a very nice February so far.

My birthday was the 4th, it was alright.  Got to hang out with a friend and go wherever I wanted to go.

Now the 15th, our 3 year anniversary was kinda awesome.  I got home from work, then Wes and I went to Chili's to eat, then, since we had an hour before our movie started, we decided to go to Gamestop and loiter around there.  I know, romantic right XD?  Anyways, once it got near to when our movie was going to be, we went to get tickets.  We went to see Wolfman.  It was an amazing movie.  Really gory, but other than that awesome.  It had no swearing the I remember and no stupid sex scenes that don't have anything to do with the plot other than showing that the characters are horny for each other *cough* Underworld Evolution *cough*.  After that...the rest of the night I will not divulge XD  ^______________________________________________^.

So far, everything else has gone fine, between going to work, D&D and the card tournaments, I'm never bored.  Although, that also has to do with the game Harvest Moon: Animal Parade for the Wii.  That game is amazing.

Anyways, I need to get back to work.