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Yay Kratos in his Judgement outfit in the pouring rain XD.

Well then, I haven't posted in a while.  Not since I left for Illinois.  Well, let me update ya on things.

I went to my parents over Christmas.  I had lots of fun seeing my family again, and enjoyed getting alot of clothes...*note sarcasm*.  It's alright though, they were really cute.  I even got to see Justus!  I was soooo happy!  I hadn't seen him in over a year!  Stupid Navy keeping him away from me.  *giggles* I got a Spongebob ball from Vince for christmas, with a note that said, "here, now you can kick spongebob around all you want".  It was awesome!  Although I liked my presents from Wes and Bill the best!  Wes got me Monopoly, Nightmare Before Christmas style and a Toshiro Hitsuguya plushie!  Bill got me a paint-by-number fox painting thing.  I love them all!

On New Year's, Wes and I went to one of his buddies from Fed-ex, house.  We even got Wes to play Beatles Rockband.  He sang most of the time, but played drums for a bit.  He's an amazing singer, and I love him to death.

Other than all that...we really haven't done much else.  I'm on 2 RP communities on LJ.  They're alot of fun!  They're multi-fandom rps too!  Multi-fandom rps basically make it so you can play your favorite anime, cartoon, video game, tv show, or book character in an AU, along with a whole bunch of others.  I'm playing Hanatarou Yamada from Bleach in one and Tear Grants from Tales of the Abyss in another.  They're fun!.

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