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World of Darkness character

Character's Name: Anariel Fiona Mustang
Age: 23
Height: 5'2''
Weight: 125
Hair Color: Brown with frost blue highlights
Hair Length: Short in back, chin length in front, which her bangs usually hides one of her eyes.
Eyes: Blue-silver-grey

Anariel or, Ana to her friends and family, grew up in a middle class home.  She lived in the country for the first 9 years of her life with her mom Lorain, her dad Dean and her older brother Bobby.  Her brother, who is three years older than her, was her best friend for those nine years, since they were the only two kids around there.  Their house was surrounded by woods and they had mulberry trees in the front and back of the house, which her and her brother picked every summer.  There was a pool in their backyard, that at age two, she fell into, with her brother pulling her out.  Needless to say, they share a very close bond with each other.

At age nine, her family moved to the city.  They lived in a house on the corner in a little suburb.  For a year, after they moved there, her and her brother grew a little apart because they both found friends.  She and Laura, her best friend at the time, from 1st grade to 6th grade always role-played together.  Didn't matter what it was, they had very good imagination, and could role play anything.  Most of it had to do with their favorite boy bands, and them being rabid fans, but that's another story all together.

Once Anariel hit High school, she and her friend Laura grew apart and she started to hang out with new friends that she made.  Most of them were guys, and they became her little army. It was of their own accord, mind you, but it still made her laugh none the less.  This was also around the time she really started to get into anime, and therefore, art.  She took to art like a fish to water.  In all 4 years of high school, she took the art classes.  Her favorite style was anime, since she was obsessed with it, but she could still do other types of it.  After she graduated high school, she decided that she wanted to go to college for art, because her ultimate life goal is to create her own manga.  She works on it in tiny bits, and she sells random pieces of art for extra money.

At the age of 18, a couple of guys came into where she worked and were hitting on her...heavily.  Eventually they got thrown out.  After her shift was over, she was walking to her car when the 2 guys that were harassing her cornered her in the alley and raped her.  She was found by her brother, who was going to go to the movies with her after work.  She basically withdrew into herself for a good 3 years before she finally started to come out of it.  Her best friends Bill and Sarah and her brother Bobby really helped her through this time.  Her brother and Bill actually hunted down the two guys that did it, and beat them up pretty badly.  The two guys were thrown in jail for a little while after that.

At 22, she eventually got over it, but it stil kinda haunts her at times.  She hasn't had a boyfriend since that day, because she can't stand to be touched by anyone but her best friends and her mom, dad, and brother.

Now, at age 23, she works full time at that italian restaurant and lives in a little apartment in the same town that she grew up in.

Anariel is a very happy-go-lucky girl.  She is an optimist but of course, has her depressive moments, like everyone else.  She doesn't have very much confidence when it comes to her art though.  She is hyper critical of her work, and doesn't see herself as a good artist, contrary to what all her friends tell her, which causes her to envy alot of the actual artists that have actual jobs.

She contradicts herself though and keeps up hope, that one day, someone will notice her manga, since she randomly puts little bits and pieces of it in magazines and the like.  She is very protective of her friends and family, especially so when it comes to her best friends and brother.  She's pretty easy to get along with, but she'll trust you a little until you fully earn it from her, or make her not trust you.

She still hangs out with her best friends and brother, whenever work allows them all to hang out.  This is atleast 5 days a week, dished out between the three.

She believes, innocent until proven guilty.  She doesn't agree with sex before marriage or abortion, but she won't say anything about it if people do it.  She won't even give them a look.  She'll just mumble to herself in her head.  She belives that, if you kill someone, you should be killed right back.  So basically, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.


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